Wedding photography round up of the year

As we start a whole new year, it is such an enormous pleasure to look back across the past year and put together this blog post. It is a selection of images from weddings throughout the year, including lots of my very favourite moments, although by no means all!

It has been an incredible year, with so many wonderful couples inviting me to share such a momentous day with them and their loved ones, and capture all this for them. Before every single wedding, I still feel butterflies of both excitement and nerves, and I'm sure that I always will. Every time I pick up my cameras and start photographing, that wedding is one of the most important days in the lives of those people, and I never forget this. To create this set of images for people, images that hold those moments forever for them, that transport them back to the feelings of their day, this is what makes it all worthwhile for me, what gives me the buzz of excitement every single time.

The photograph above is one of my very favourite moments from this year, and an image that I was particularly happy with. When Sarah and Duncan's marquee suffered a prolonged power cut just before their first dance, they eventually decided to just carry on regardless. With no light and no power, the band played a brilliant acoustic number and the wedding guests lit the dance floor with their smart phone torches and sang and stomped along with the music. I was so delighted to capture the joy between Sarah and Duncan, with their friends and family cheering them on. That and many other equally emotional moments I have witnessed this year, are what gives me goosebumps and keeps me absolutely loving every moment of this wonderful job that I do. I cannot wait for another year of weddings to begin and I am so excited about photographing everything for this year's couples. For now, here is a look back across last year. Huge thanks to Laura Cullen for assistant shooting with me throughout much of last year - a couple of her wonderful images are also in this blog post. Put the kettle on, get comfy and have a browse through - I hope you enjoy it!


Family Photography round up

Two children laughing as their parents throw them in the air

Things may have seemed a little quiet on my blog recently, as I'm busy behind the scenes getting ready with a new website, which I'm looking forward to launching early next year. In the meantime, as it draws towards the end of this year, I get to do a couple of my favourite blog posts - a round up of what I've been up to throughout the year. It has been another wonderfully busy year, with a mixture of family photography, many beautiful weddings, plus a variety of other photography for various commercial clients. 

I'll start the New Year with a look back at all my weddings. But first, this blog post is a round up of all the wonderful families and couples that I've had the pleasure of photographing this year. I've had a lot of fun, and captured a lot of incredibly happy times. I've seen previous brides and grooms become parents, joined extended families on special holidays, witnessed quiet newborn moments at home, explored forests, climbed sand dunes and stomped through puddles. It is always incredible to share these special times like these with families, capturing the joy, the chaos, the fun, the quiet love and everything else in between. I get a huge amount of pleasure from being able to give these memories back to people in their images. Here are a selection of images from this past year - I hope that you enjoy them! 

A family playing on the beach
A family on the beach at Beer
Parents holding a newborn baby
A family rolling on the grass and laughing
A mother with three adult children laughing together
A father chasing his son and laughing
A mother with her two adult daughters on the beach in Devon
A toddler running along the beach at Saunton Sands
A family together at Beer beach
Two parents quietly cuddling their newborn baby