Susie & Scott in Petritoli

When I was asked to photograph Susie & Scott's wedding - in Italy - I was so excited that I could hardly sit still... but also filled with total terror...  Flying on my own, a country where I don't speak the language, working out how to transport all my kit, working out how to pack all my kit, train connections, flight connections, Italian bus connections...  all completely out of my comfort zone and so much that could potentially go wrong.  But the opportunity to capture a wedding in another country was completely irresistible, and not likely to come along that often, so (of course!) I said yes.  To be completely honest, once I was sitting safely on the correct flight, with my most precious items tucked safely by my feet, I started to relax a bit.  And by the time I stepped out of the plane into the Italian heat, I have to admit I sneaked a little air punch of joy.

So was it worth all the stress?  Oh yes.  Petritoli - what an amazing place to get married!  Susie and Scott fell in love with this mediaeval Italian village, and it was easy to see why.  Perched up high on the hills, with sleepy winding streets, flaking painted shutters, stone buildings stacked high above each other, and distant views to the Adriatic Sea.  Not to mention the incredible clock tower presiding over the town.  150 steps to the top.  I know this, because I climbed it three times in one hour.  With my camera kit on my back.  The only way to go through the pain barrier on the third climb was to count the steps...  My thighs will probably recover one day ;)

It really was incredible to be a part of these celebrations, and Scott and Susie's wedding was so special.  They were a wonderful bride and groom, with the most fantastic guests, and the wedding was amazing. Even a torrential (and I really do mean torrential) downpour an hour before the ceremony failed to put a damper on proceedings.  The Italian ceremony took place inside the theatre (swiftly relocated from the original outdoor venue), with its stunning painted ceiling.  The bride and groom then strolled up through the town (to the delight of many locals just emerging from siesta) to celebrate on the stunning Piazza.  Guests enjoyed prosecco and antipasti in the early evening sun, then a long and delicious meal was accompanied by the most touching, and then ridiculously hilarious speeches!  The first dance took place underneath the clock tower in the moonlight, accompanied by acoustic guitar.  It really was magical.