2012... thank you all for sharing your incredible year with me!

I don't know quite where to start with this.  I get really quite emotional when I think about all the people I have had the privilege of photographing this year.  All the brides and grooms who have asked me to take on the huge job of recording their wedding day for them.  Of capturing all those emotional moments, beautiful details, amazing venues and all the unique interactions that make up each individual wedding day.  And then there have been all the families that I have spent time photographing; the newborn babies, the toddlers playing, the precious interactions between parents and children.  It has been amazing to return to couples and families at different stages in their lives, to see brides and grooms become parents, and newborn babies grow into toddlers, some becoming older brothers or sisters.  I really can't think of anything more precious than capturing these moments.  Life moves on so quickly all the time; wedding days finally happen and then pass by, newborns fatten up into bouncing babies, who grow into children and get older.  The thought that people will be able to hold onto these memories through the images I create is incredibly special to me and something that I keep really focused on at all times.

When I started looking through my year of photographs to choose some for this post, I ended up with a shortlist of over 500 that I loved.  So I had to leave out many, many beautiful images that I would consider among my favourites from this year, to finally come up with the selection below.  I wanted to show you a range of images, from different points across the wedding day, and various sorts of photo sessions.  So I've included family images, newborn photography, engagement sessions and lots and lots of beautiful wedding photographs. Perhaps put the kettle on and make a cuppa while the page loads, then put your feet up and enjoy browsing through some (but certainly not all!) of my very favourite moments captured in 2012.

I honestly have no words that can properly express how grateful I am to have been invited into the lives of so many incredible people this year, and it is an absolute honour to show you these photographs now.  To everyone who has invited me to create images for you this year, and to all those wonderful people who have booked me to do the same in 2013 - I hope that your Christmas and New Year is utterly magical.  And thank you xx

Maunsel House winter wedding photography: Hannah-Marie & Matt preview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah-Marie and Matt's beautiful winter wedding at Maunsel House.  It was the perfect winter wedding day: crisp and frosty with the most wonderful soft winter light washing over everything.  I can't wait to share more of their stunning wedding, with Hannah-Marie's incredible vintage dress, Matt's dapper velvet attire and the eclectic surroundings of Maunsel House.  For now, here is one preview image: all you need is love... and lovely light is nice too :)

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Beautiful Bath: engagement photography in the autumn leaves

This is an exciting week for me, as I am looking forward to photographing Hannah-Marie and Matt's winter wedding at the very lovely Maunsel House in Somerset.  So I thought it was a good time to post some of the photos from their beyoooootiful engagement shoot in the autumn leaves at the Bath Botanical Gardens earlier this autumn.  They were especially kind and humoured me with my requests to stand and cuddle in the middle of random bushes.  Although it is very possible that a couple of those laughing shots may well have been them giggling at their over-enthusiastic wedding photographer clambering through the leaves...  all worth it, as I'm really delighted with so many of their photos.  Hannah-Marie and Matt were fantastic to photograph and the colours in the leaves are just beautiful.  Here are my favourite images - and I'm looking forward to posting a preview from their wedding later in the week!

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Destination wedding photography: a beautiful Italian wedding

I recently looked back through 2012 and realised how few full weddings I have actually blogged so far.  It has been a busy year, and I will hopefully manage to catch up with some of these over the winter period while things are quieter.  Now that we are properly into winter, it seems such a long time since this lovely Italian wedding.  But I thought it would be a really great one to blog next, just so that we can all enjoy a bit of summer sunshine through the photographs!

It was definitely one of my favourite weddings this year, not least because I got to travel to Italy.  Leanne and David were an absolute pleasure to work with, and their friends and family all made me feel so welcome, it just made everything even more enjoyable.  This was my second trip to Petritoli (see Scott and Susie's Petritoli wedding here) and it was really special to come back for a second wedding.  Petritoli is a really gorgeous, rustic Italian village, with lots of winding cobbled streets and a really authentic Italian feel to it.  The views are stunning, with the Italian coastline visible over the great stretches of countryside.  Petritoli's 40m high clock tower provides an amazing viewpoint and it was really wonderful to get some photos of Leanne and David at the top, just as the sun was setting.  One of my favourite images is of Leanne and David running across the square, as we raced to get to the top of the tower before we missed the sunset!

I hope that you enjoy looking through these photographs as much as I enjoyed capturing them in the first place.  With any luck I may return to Petritoli for another wedding in the future...  fingers crossed!

Contact information: Italian weddings in Petritoli (email: jopetritoli@hotmail.it)

Gorgeous baby Connie: a preview

Oh my, did I have a lovely time this morning!  Photographing baby Connie was a joy - at four months old she was alert, smiley and absolutely gorgeous.  We photographed her posing like a professional for me, plus some really gorgeous cuddles with her Mum and Dad.  I just wanted to show you a very quick preview of one of my favourite images before I get editing the rest of them...

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Family photography at Ide, near Exeter

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Pre-wedding photography in South Devon

Two days, two different pre-wedding shoots and two very different locations...  From the warm autumnal colours of Bath's Botanical Gardens on Friday, to the stark blues and blacks of the rocky beach at South Milton Sands in Devon - and a really stunning sky for a backdrop!  This lovely couple are planning their relaxed farm wedding at The Barn, South Milton for next July. Fingers crossed that the weather is kind and we will be enjoying a stunning outdoor ceremony on the hills overlooking the South Devon coastline!  For now, it was much more.. well... Novembery - and so we wrapped up warmly to explore the beach for their engagement photographs.  A straightforward stroll turned into me asking very nicely if they would mind climbing all over the rocks, along pipes and through pools of water... followed by me clambering over seaweed, through rock pools and testing my wellies to their limits!  Here is a quick peek at a few of the images...

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Pre-wedding Photography in Bath: Hannah-Marie & Matt

I had a lovely time doing an engagement photography session this morning in Bath.  Hannah-Marie proposed to Matt in Bath's Botanical Gardens, so it was an excellent location for their pre-wedding photo session.  What's more, the autumn colours of the leaves in the park were absolutely stunning and just beautiful as a backdrop or frame for their images.  We also had lots of fun climbing through bushes, wading in muddy streams and exploring some of the furthest corners of the gardens!  I had a great time... and Hannah-Marie and Matt were fantastic and humoured me each time I suggested they cuddled up together in yet another tree! I'm really looking forward to their December wedding at Maunsel House in Somerset.  Here is a very quick preview from today's images:

South Devon wedding photography: Ariane & David's Salcombe wedding

I have been really looking forward to blogging Ariane and David's wedding!  I think that South Devon has some of the loveliest areas, and I have loved the various weddings that I've photographed around there.

Ariane and David's ceremony was at beautiful Bigbury, followed by celebrations at the stunning Cliff House at Salcombe.  Ariane is a talented illustrator (see her work here) and it was really lovely to see the artistic touches evident in the decoration and details in everything at the wedding.  Ariane did actually say that her clever father played the main part in all the amazing table decorations - I love the ink rimmed milk bottles and the bunches of gypsophila everywhere - clearly a very artistic family!  The white and grey theme was elegant and understated, creating a really beautiful backdrop for their wedding celebrations.

Although they both live in London, Ariane and David met surfing in the south west, so a seaside Devon celebration was the perfect way to tie the knot.  Cliff House in Salcombe is a gorgeous venue: huge windows overlooking the Kingsbridge estuary and out to sea, a lovely bright space indoors and a really relaxed feel.  Ariane's family are German, so there was a multicultural feel to the celebrations, including some brilliant traditional German games for the bride and groom and translations for some of the speeches!  It was a real pleasure to photograph Ariane and David's wedding - just a beautiful, relaxed, seaside celebration, and I hope that you enjoy this selection of their wedding photos...

Beautiful Fine Art Albums

I have something really special to share with you in this post.  I find it very hard to describe how much I love these fine art albums.  As far as I am concerned, they offer the highest quality possible for your images, which is quite a serious consideration when you are deciding what to do with something so precious.  From the first moment of capture, through the careful editing process I apply to each image, the end result is often the album and I wanted something really outstanding for this.  I looked at so many different album suppliers, trying to find something that would really do justice to the work put into your photos, something utterly perfect.  I found Folio Albums.  

Haldon Belvedere: a wedding preview

Last week I photographed the most beautiful wedding ceremony at Haldon Belvedere.  It rained and rained outside, but didn't matter at all - Haldon Belvedere has the most stunning interior too!  Huge congratulations to Clare and Nick - here is a quick preview:

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Orestone Manor wedding photography: preview

Alison and Gary got married on Saturday at the ancient church of St Andrews at Kenn, then celebrated in style in the beautifully intimate surroundings of Orestone Manor, near Torquay.  Here is a quick preview from their first dance.  Congratulations to both of you, I'm looking forward to editing the rest of the photos!

Photographing albums at the amazing Otto Retro

Last week I delivered a really lovely wedding album order to one of my couples from earlier this year.  I have recently had quite a few people asking to see photos of my fine art albums, so I decided to photograph them for a blog post (coming soon!) before sending them off.   I wanted somewhere really lovely to show off the albums, as they are really rather lovely themselves... where better than the incredible aladdin's cave that is Otto Retro?!  If you haven't visited Otto Retro in Exeter then I highly recommend you pop along and investigate - a treasure trove of vintage, from retro furniture to quirky antique toys and a huge eclectic mix of items from the Victorian era through to the 1970s.  Jenny kindly let me use the wonderful 'Uppity Up' room for the images and the beautiful, intriguing and antique objects provided the perfect backdrop for the albums.

I will write a separate post to show you the albums in full, but first here is a peek at Otto Retro's Uppity Up room... it's available for hire don't you know?!

Don't the albums just look lovely surrounded by all that pretty?!!  I'll post a wider selection of the album photos next week - please stop by my facebook page in the meantime and click like to stay in touch!

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Orestone Manor: engagment photography

I'm really looking forward to Alison and Gary's wedding this weekend at the gorgeous Orestone Manor near Torquay.  Here is a little peek at their engagement photographs, which included beautiful sunshine, a trampoline and a very friendly cat!  Getting on the trampoline was Alison's fab idea - they ended up being my favourite photos of the shoot :)

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Haldon Belvedere wedding photography: Clare & Nick preview

Today I photographed the most beautiful wedding ceremony at Haldon Belvedere.  It rained and rained outside, but didn't matter at all - Haldon Belvedere has the most stunning interior too!  Huge congratulations to Clare and Nick - here is a quick preview from earlier:

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Family photography in Bristol: a preview

We were due to carry out this family photography session on Sunday morning, but luckily saw the weather forecast and moved it to Saturday.  So rather than putting on wellies and dodging the cold showers, we had a sunny afternoon playing explorers in the long grass, climbing trees and making grassy rain!  Don't tell anyone, but I think I possibly had more fun than the kids did... :)

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Devon wedding photography: Gemma & Rob at Budleigh

The very lovely Gemma and Rob got married yesterday and followed with a fantastic celebration at Budleigh Salterton Cricket Club.  In true Devon style they even sneaked a cream tea into proceedings as well!  It was a really wonderful day - here is a little preview for now:

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Engagement photography on the beach: Hannah & Marek

I am just starting to edit the photos from Hannah and Marek's fantastic wedding at Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe and I suddenly realised that I haven't blogged the images from their engagement shoot earlier in the summer.  It's a very timely blog post, as one of my 2013 couples has just asked what the whole engagement photography session is all about.

Very basically, it's about me getting to know you better as a couple, which will enable me to create better images for you on your wedding day.  As I build a relationship with you both, I get a better sense of who you are and how to capture that, and also what you are comfortable with and what works well in terms of your photographs.  Many people tell me that they hate being in front of the camera, and hopefully this works as a great way to help you feel more relaxed about it before your wedding.  The engagement sessions are always very laid back and fun, and I really enjoy them.  I usually suggest that we go somewhere that suits you both as a couple, do something that you would normally do together and then just take things from there.  Mostly I will just ask you to be together and interact with each other while we chat and have fun, and I may suggest a couple of poses to enhance the photos.  Engagement sessions normally take around an hour, and you will hopefully end up with some really lovely images.

For Hannah and Marek's session, they suggested that we went to Woolacombe beach in North Devon, as it is somewhere that they really enjoy spending time.  We took their absolutely gorgeous Cockerpoo, Wulfric, and had a relaxed stroll and paddle.  Everything was looking stunning so I suggested to Hannah and Marek that they just carried on walking along the beach, maybe stopped for a cuddle or a kiss as they went.  As I was photographing them, they suddenly started dancing in the waves - how unbelievably cool is that?!  I then discovered that they do a lot of dancing together in their spare time, so it was great to capture it in their images. Even better, when it came to their actual wedding, the entire wedding party danced up the aisle...  but that's another story to save for another day!  For now, here are some lovely summery beach shots from their engagement session.  I hope you like them!

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Maunsel House wedding photography: Lisa & Nick

Jacqui & Duncan: a little preview

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Jacqui and Duncan's wedding in the beautiful August sunshine.  It was a really magical day - here are a couple of quick preview images:

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Maunsel House wedding photography: Lisa & Nick in the pouring rain

I hadn't been to Maunsel House before I met Lisa and Nick.  When we first got together to talk about their wedding photography they told me how amazing their venue was and how they couldn't believe their luck in finding it.  So I had quite a build up before I actually got there.  But Maunsel House was still an incredible discovery for me - just such an exciting venue with so much possibility in terms of photography.  Not to mention an awesome place to celebrate your wedding!

Lisa and Nick had been planning an outdoor ceremony on the front lawn for over a year.  I met up with them in April to carry out their engagement photography and we talked about how mixed the weather had been, but laughed about how much better it would be in July.  Wrong!!  On the day of the wedding, 7th July 2012, the rain was absolutely battering the South West, which was issued with a severe flood warning... the ceremony was moved indoors...  but the amazing thing was, it just didn't matter.  Despite all the outdoor dreams, the indoor spaces at Maunsel House created a perfect backdrop for the day and it was just fantastic!  The ceremony was absolutely stunning in the Ballroom, and the guests all enjoyed relaxing on the leather sofas in the library, grabbing a quick pint (or two) in the bar and exploring the incredible spaces around the house.

The rain was just about easing off as everyone moved outside for the hog roast under the pergola at 9pm, but by then it didn't matter at all.  Lisa said that the rain had actually made the day better, as all the guests had come together in the inside spaces in a way that they may not have done otherwise.  I loved having the opportunity to use the unusual and quirky interior spaces in the house for Lisa and Nick's photography.  It was a really special day and I look forward to returning to Maunsel House again next year!

I hope you enjoy these images from Lisa and Nick's wedding day - please do leave a comment and let me know what you think.  If you are interested, you can also 'like' my facebook page here to stay updated with previews and other examples of my work.

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