Winter in Dartmouth: Adele & Jamie's Christmas wedding

Adele and Jamie got married just before Christmas, in the stunningly beautiful Devon town of Dartmouth.  Despite a gloomy preceding week, the day of the wedding was absolutely glorious, although bitterly cold (and I forgot my gloves...).  Consequently there was very little milling around outside, but lots of amazing indoor celebration instead, which was a real treat.  St Petrox Church is an ancient building, first mentioned in records way back in 1192, so I found it really quite awe inspiring.  The church sits right on the edge of the river, right next to Dartmouth Castle, in the most beautiful location.  With no electric connection, the whole set up is reliant on candles, which made things incredibly intimate and special for the wedding ceremony.  The reception took place at the incredible Dartmouth Apprentice, a restored and converted church overlooking the River Dart.  It was a gorgeous venue for the celebration, absolutely stunning, with the Christmas lights twinkling throughout and amazing (really, really amazing!) food.  Adele and Jamie were just radiant throughout the day, and an absolute pleasure to photograph.  So thank you to both of you - firstly for being very patient and not shivering too much outside in the cold!   But mainly, just a great big thank you for inviting me to share your wedding day - it was glorious!


  1. Beautiful set of images, great storytelling. Love the lighting at the reception, real moody. I'm also doing a wedding in Dartmouth in July.

  2. Thank you Marc, that's lovely to hear! Good luck with your wedding - such a beautiful part of Devon :)