Rachel & Callum: pre-wedding session

It was really lovely to spend some time earlier this year with Rachel and Callum.  It's a little while until their wedding, but we decided to venture out into the chilly January weather and do their engagement photo session at a gorgeous spot that they know on Dartmoor. I'm always delighted when couples suggest somewhere special that we can visit for these sorts of photo sessions - I think that the familiar location can help people relax, which then helps me get to know you better.  And it's also so much nicer to have your photos to be taken somewhere that has special meaning, as the images will be worth so much more to you.  Rachel and Callum have spent many happy times at Spitchwick, Dartmoor, so it was great to be able to visit there with them.  The muted greens and browns were beautiful for their photos, and we had good fun playing around with some different poses and exploring the undergrowth!  I'm really looking forward to their July wedding, particularly as I'm hoping the weather will have warmed up a touch by then :)

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