2012... thank you all for sharing your incredible year with me!

I don't know quite where to start with this.  I get really quite emotional when I think about all the people I have had the privilege of photographing this year.  All the brides and grooms who have asked me to take on the huge job of recording their wedding day for them.  Of capturing all those emotional moments, beautiful details, amazing venues and all the unique interactions that make up each individual wedding day.  And then there have been all the families that I have spent time photographing; the newborn babies, the toddlers playing, the precious interactions between parents and children.  It has been amazing to return to couples and families at different stages in their lives, to see brides and grooms become parents, and newborn babies grow into toddlers, some becoming older brothers or sisters.  I really can't think of anything more precious than capturing these moments.  Life moves on so quickly all the time; wedding days finally happen and then pass by, newborns fatten up into bouncing babies, who grow into children and get older.  The thought that people will be able to hold onto these memories through the images I create is incredibly special to me and something that I keep really focused on at all times.

When I started looking through my year of photographs to choose some for this post, I ended up with a shortlist of over 500 that I loved.  So I had to leave out many, many beautiful images that I would consider among my favourites from this year, to finally come up with the selection below.  I wanted to show you a range of images, from different points across the wedding day, and various sorts of photo sessions.  So I've included family images, newborn photography, engagement sessions and lots and lots of beautiful wedding photographs. Perhaps put the kettle on and make a cuppa while the page loads, then put your feet up and enjoy browsing through some (but certainly not all!) of my very favourite moments captured in 2012.

I honestly have no words that can properly express how grateful I am to have been invited into the lives of so many incredible people this year, and it is an absolute honour to show you these photographs now.  To everyone who has invited me to create images for you this year, and to all those wonderful people who have booked me to do the same in 2013 - I hope that your Christmas and New Year is utterly magical.  And thank you xx

Maunsel House winter wedding photography: Hannah-Marie & Matt preview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah-Marie and Matt's beautiful winter wedding at Maunsel House.  It was the perfect winter wedding day: crisp and frosty with the most wonderful soft winter light washing over everything.  I can't wait to share more of their stunning wedding, with Hannah-Marie's incredible vintage dress, Matt's dapper velvet attire and the eclectic surroundings of Maunsel House.  For now, here is one preview image: all you need is love... and lovely light is nice too :)

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Beautiful Bath: engagement photography in the autumn leaves

This is an exciting week for me, as I am looking forward to photographing Hannah-Marie and Matt's winter wedding at the very lovely Maunsel House in Somerset.  So I thought it was a good time to post some of the photos from their beyoooootiful engagement shoot in the autumn leaves at the Bath Botanical Gardens earlier this autumn.  They were especially kind and humoured me with my requests to stand and cuddle in the middle of random bushes.  Although it is very possible that a couple of those laughing shots may well have been them giggling at their over-enthusiastic wedding photographer clambering through the leaves...  all worth it, as I'm really delighted with so many of their photos.  Hannah-Marie and Matt were fantastic to photograph and the colours in the leaves are just beautiful.  Here are my favourite images - and I'm looking forward to posting a preview from their wedding later in the week!

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Destination wedding photography: a beautiful Italian wedding

I recently looked back through 2012 and realised how few full weddings I have actually blogged so far.  It has been a busy year, and I will hopefully manage to catch up with some of these over the winter period while things are quieter.  Now that we are properly into winter, it seems such a long time since this lovely Italian wedding.  But I thought it would be a really great one to blog next, just so that we can all enjoy a bit of summer sunshine through the photographs!

It was definitely one of my favourite weddings this year, not least because I got to travel to Italy.  Leanne and David were an absolute pleasure to work with, and their friends and family all made me feel so welcome, it just made everything even more enjoyable.  This was my second trip to Petritoli (see Scott and Susie's Petritoli wedding here) and it was really special to come back for a second wedding.  Petritoli is a really gorgeous, rustic Italian village, with lots of winding cobbled streets and a really authentic Italian feel to it.  The views are stunning, with the Italian coastline visible over the great stretches of countryside.  Petritoli's 40m high clock tower provides an amazing viewpoint and it was really wonderful to get some photos of Leanne and David at the top, just as the sun was setting.  One of my favourite images is of Leanne and David running across the square, as we raced to get to the top of the tower before we missed the sunset!

I hope that you enjoy looking through these photographs as much as I enjoyed capturing them in the first place.  With any luck I may return to Petritoli for another wedding in the future...  fingers crossed!

Contact information: Italian weddings in Petritoli (email: jopetritoli@hotmail.it)