Wedding ceremony at Haldon Belvedere: Clare & Nick get married in a castle

Back last October, I had the pleasure of capturing Clare and Nick's wedding ceremony at the wonderful Haldon Belvedere, near Exeter.  I usually photograph a wedding from early in the day while everyone is getting ready, right through to the evening celebrations - but every now and again I get booked for just a short period.  And so it was that I joined Clare and Nick just before their ceremony, and left them just afterwards.  It absolutely poured with rain, but it didn't make any difference (apart from my slightly soggy feet): it was a beautiful ceremony in a particularly stunning location, and a real pleasure to photograph.  Haldon Belvedere (also known as Lawrence Castle) is a pretty little tower that stands up on the skyline just south of Exeter, and you can see it from the centre of town if you are standing in the right place.  I always thought that was a really lovely idea to get married there, if you lived in Exeter - how special to catch glimpses of your wedding venue as you go about your normal day to day business.  I imagine now that Clare and Nick often catch sight of the tower up on the hills, and are transported back to their lovely ceremony.  Here are a few images to share from their day, I hope you like them:

Those amazing paper buttonhole flowers are from The Paper Florist.

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