A South Devon wedding at Mount Folly Farm: Claire & Alec preview

Congratulations to the lovely Claire and Alec who got married yesterday at St Mary's Church, Berry Pomeroy, with a glorious reception afterwards at Mount Folly Farm at Bigbury-on-Sea. South Devon is such a beautiful area, and this spot has to be one of the most particularly lovely parts of the region.  It was really wonderful to watch the waves crashing all day in the distance as everyone enjoyed the celebrations in the sunshine.  Here is a very quick preview of their day:


  1. Me and him got married there. *sigh* it's such a lovely setting. It's also the church in sense and sensibility.

  2. Aaaah a fab choice of venue indeed, such a beautiful spot! And yes, the vicar reminded everyone during the ceremony about Hugh Grant having been in the church - I was most impressed!! :)