A pre-wedding photo session in Teignmouth: Gemma & Jamie

I loved photographing Gemma and Jamie at Teignmouth!  Despite saying that they hated being in front of the camera, they were actually incredibly relaxed and a real pleasure to be with.  We had a stroll along the sea front in the evening sunlight and chatted through all their wedding plans over a nice cold drink.  Then we had a little explore around, underneath the pier and along the river beach to capture some really gorgeous images.

By the way, almost everyone who books me starts off by saying that they hate being in front of the camera.  Most of us do.  I find it the most difficult thing ever, so I completely understand!  My aim is to help you feel as comfortable as possible, usually to the point that you sort of forget the camera is even there.  That's when the loveliest, most natural shots take place.  A pre-wedding photo session can be a real help if you are worried about the camera on your wedding day, as it give you the opportunity to see how relaxed things will be!  If you are interested in booking a session then please do get in touch.

I look forward to photographing Gemma and Jamie's wedding later this month - in the meantime, here are some of their pre-wedding images:

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