A wedding at beautiful Polhawn Fort, Cornwall

Bridal party on the beach

I am so excited to be finally blogging Charlie and Ed's wonderful Polhawn Fort wedding! It was recently featured in Perfect Wedding magazine, so you may have seen a couple of the images there. I've been looking forward to going back through the images from the day and putting together a longer blog post, as it really was just such a brilliant day to be a part of.  

Charlie and Ed are just the loveliest couple - completely besotted with each other and two of the nicest people I've been lucky enough to work with. Their wedding celebrations took place in the most incredible venue, an old fort with a private beach in Cornwall. Steeped in history, Polhawn Fort was built in 1867, to dissuade Napoleon III from even thinking about invading the UK! As wedding settings goes, this is just such a stunning location. The heavy stone walls, arched ceilings and tiny fortress windows make the interior so unique, and a really dark, warm, welcoming space. Then outside there are the stunning views across the Cornish seas, and the sweet little private beach below. 

The wedding style was inspired by the seaside location. The table decorations and flowers included tiny shells, and Charlie's beautiful beaded dress and headpiece sparkled just like the tiny stones on the beach. Charlie's bridesmaids looked absolutely amazing in their beaded grey dresses, just such a gorgeous and unusual colour! The flowers tied in beautifully, with gorgeous light blues, corals and pearls reflecting the location. Guests were asked to leave Charlie and Ed a message in a bottle, rather than write in a guestbook, adding to the seaside theme. Charlie and Ed plan to open all the messages on their first anniversary, and read the advice and words from their guests.  I really loved the wedding favours, which were created by Charlie - a specially designed commemorative wedding tea towel, with a personally drawn image of every single one of the 120 guests. It was absolutely wonderful to watch everyone unwrapping them at the tables and laughing their way through all the caricatures! Charlie says it took her six months to draw everyone - what an incredible way to remember your wedding party!  

One of my strongest memories of the day (and I'm sure, Ed's too!), was the incredible moment when Charlie walked across the lawn towards her wedding ceremony, escorted by her brother, with the bridesmaids all following behind. It was an amazing moment to watch, with the view of the sea behind them and the sound of waves crashing as she approached the ceremony, and it properly gave me goose bumps! 

It was a truly wonderful day for everyone involved, and just such a pleasure for me to photograph.  I hope you enjoy sharing it and looking through these images!

Fort by the sea
Entrance to Polhawn Fort
Entrance to the fort
Welcome to Charlie and Ed's wedding sign
A view across the sea
Chairs set for an outdoor wedding ceremony
Verbena with the sea behind
Chairs set for an outdoor ceremony by the sea
Ceremony hut
Wedding flowers
Eliza Jane Howell wedding dress hanging up
Beaded wedding dress details
Bride having make up done
Bride having make up done

A fab Glastonbury engagement shoot

A couple cuddling by some blossom at Glastonbury Tor

I love pre-wedding shoots - they provide such a great opportunity to spend a bit of time with each couple, hear all about their wedding plans and have some fun playing around and creating some photographs together. Scarlett and Will are a particularly awesome couple, who were more than happy to clamber halfway up a bank of stinging nettles to pose by the only blossom we could see for miles! They are also incredibly lovely, and I am seriously looking forward to their wedding at Maunsel House in July. The plans all sound fantastic and I look forward to sharing those photos later this year. In the meantime, here is just a tiny peep at some of their engagement photographs, taken at the wonderful Glastonbury Tor.

A couple kissing by Glastobury Tor
A couple jumping in the air at Glastonbury Tor
A couple smiling by some spring blossom
A black & white photo of a couple cuddling at Glastonbury Tor

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Natural Family Photography

The world is an amazing place when you are four: all paths are there to be explored, stones to be collected and thrown into rivers, fallen logs are there to launch from, running everywhere is essential, walking is just too slow! A younger sibling, watching his brother with quiet admiration, taking things slowly and carefully finding his own way. Two wonderful parents, answering questions, gently guiding, creating a wonderfully secure and loving framework to allow all that boundless enthusiasm and curiosity to keep on growing. A little snapshot of a wonderful young family exploring the river on Dartmoor. Me there with my camera to capture it.

"Thank you so much, we had such a lovely afternoon and thought you were amazing with the boys (and us!!!)... it will go down as one of our most treasured memories... we are so looking forward to the photos of what was such a fab afternoon."

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Cadhay Manor wedding: Kat & Benedict's French themed celebrations

At this weekend's French themed wedding at Cadhay Manor, I was treated to a whole mixture of wonderful things, including a flower crown, the most incredible lace and crepe wedding dress, beautifully delicate flowers arranged in vintage French glass jars and bottles, long wooden tables and chairs in a marquee decorated so prettily, and most importantly, a bride and groom just beaming with happiness.  And a greenhouse!  I loved the greenhouse... Congratulations to Kat and Benedict - it was an amazing celebration and a complete pleasure to photograph.  Here is a little preview of their day...