Sarah & Dean at Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe

Bride and groom laughing on the beach with bare feet

Here is just one little tiny peep at Saturday's gorgeous wedding at Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe. This shot of Sarah and Dean really made me smile. Heading down to the beach and getting some lovely, romantic, sunset portraits is always really nice to do, and genuinely is a lovely and romantic thing to do on your wedding day. However, it can also be really tricky to gather up a large dress with a hoop structure underneath, the sea can be really, really cold on your bare feet, and the whole thing can become a bit of a race against time when the sun is heading for some low clouds on the horizon. Therefore, this particular image is the one that I am going to show you today - Sarah and Dean, trying to work out how to get hold of the dress, Dean wincing at the cold sea water and the sharp pebbles, both bending over in hysterics! The rest of the lovely, romantic, sunset images will have to wait until a later blog post! Congratulations both of you, it was a wonderful day by the sea and I can't wait to show you the rest of the images.

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